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Permissions Hierachy

Rank Who How to achieve Available Cmds
Server Owner [42] DeltaBoss only. You can't. Everything.
Admin [ADM] Atm. nobody. You can't. Nearly everything.
Moderator [MOD] Atm. nobody. Only people I know RL and trust. Much and More.
VIP [VIP] People I know in RL or trusted clan members Earn mah trust. Coming Soon.
Trusted [TRST] People who showed they will not grief or similar. Build impressive shit. Coming Soon.
Basic [BSC] User with building rights. Ask politely for rights. Coming Soon.
user [user] Group of first time connectors Connect. Chat :d
Bad [GRIEFER] People with no rights. To lazy to ban them. Annoy, grief, steal, build crap, etc. None.