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Running Plugins

Plugin Description Usable by
bPermissions A permissions-plugin. See "Server Hierachy" for more information. Mods+
Core Protect A anti-grief plugin. Allows world repair in a chosen radius, with a chosen time and even chosen block types. Makes griefing useless. Admins+
Creeper Heal This plugin heals creeper, tnt and fire damage after 60 seconds. Furthermore it forbids tnt and fire damage in world_c [Auto]
Essentials Enables many commands. Mixed
EssentialsChat Chat formating plugin. -
EssentialsProtect Enables protection of signs, pressure plates, etc. Not configured yet.
EssentialsSpawn Dunno, lol Not configured yet.
God Powers Lets you shoot fireballs, lightning, go over water, etc. ?
Heroic Derp Sends out a death-message when somebody dies. [Auto]
IBICF Toggles fly mode. Broken
InstaBreak Enables 1 hit mining with torches. Trusted+
Multiworld Enables multiple worlds on the server. basic+
SimpleChestLock Guess Broken
Trollcommands A list of fun cmds. Admin+
WelcomeMessage Welcomes players to the server on connection. [Auto]