SWAT| welcomes you to our Clan Site!



What is SWAT|? - SWAT| is a (small) just for fun Call of Duty 4 clan, founded by me on the CoD4 community bagdadcafe.se (greetings to you guys) back in 2000 and something. When the bagdadcafe servers (softcore) emptied (meh...) I started playing on >BK< Plattenbau, a german softcore server, where some great people joined the clan. Sadly, this server emptied aswell, so I moved on, playing on the WolfPack hc servers for some time, until I found the defqon sc server. Later the NaZe (now B2R) sc server went online, where some more people joined. Now in 2012 I got bored and set up this site.

Softcore huh? - Yes, we prefer softcore here. Why? Because it requires more skill. Juggernaught isn't easyily taken down and you gotta choose your setup wisely, unlike hc, where I sometimes played with Uzi + acog and such nonsense because it just doesn't matter how you are equipted.

What about promod? - Crap, but thats just my opinion. Just because theres a pro in the name it doesn't make people that are good at it pros. Why? lol....
-Not more realistic at all
-You are as good as dead if you make a noise, since it can be heard over half the map
-In order to be a good CoD4 player you should be able to deal with and counter all possible perk and weapon combinations. Be it me with juggernaught or somebody with overkill and 2 gl's.

I see the idea of promod with it forcing everbody to be the same, so the best player wins, but this just makes the winner the best promod player and completely ruins CoD4 in my eyes. Sorry!

So, I'd always be up for a good sc challenge, but promod? Depends on my mood. ;)